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Qualified portrait and landscape photographer, ACPAC Melbourne;  expert Photoshop artisan over 25 years; portrait studio operator (Studio 913, and Mamó Photography); award winning portraits and landscapes with: AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography), Better Photography, International B&W Spider Awards, APPA Awards, Loupe and International Colour Awards; Editor/Publisher; BA, Literature, Sociology and Journalism, University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Favourite portraits–dogs

Favourite occupation–book publishing/editor

Favourite pasttime–traveller


I make such precious objects from scenes captured in a camera.

I collaborate with people who want art, personal art, wonderful photography done with a personal touch.

They understand the cost to procure excellent papers, inks and equipment, plus talent and education to produce their precious object.

They realise they are going to have something precious, knowing every cent spent is extending the joy of their moments every day for the rest of their lives.

CV available upon request.